Varoqua Group


Build custom apps + deploy them to your cloud host of choice -- straight from the command line.

Mini Case-Studies

Why should I care?

  • For Developers:
    • You can develop locally on your own private cloud
    • Your development and production environments will be identical, i.e. you no longer have to worry about things breaking in production
    • You have full control over how your boxes are set up and where they are hosted, i.e. you are not beholden to any programming language/stack or web host (cut the middle-man)
    • You want to be able to spool up servers and build/deploy apps like they're going out of style (idea to execution in shortest path possible)
  • For Clients/Entrepreneurs:
    • You want your projects built faster (maximize ROI)
    • You want your apps to scale easily as you grow
    • You don't have the resources to pay for typical agency rates and hours
    • You want to test out your awesome new business idea but minimize your risk in terms of development effort